Where We Get Our Wood

Beautiful barns and old farm buildings used to grace our landscapes across the good ol' USA. Many of those barns and buildings have seen their better days, and are no longer usable as they once were. That's where Whiskey Joe's gets inspiration and sees the beauty that was once there, as we dismantle each piece by hand with a purpose in mind.


Whiskey Joe's doesn't buy any of our wood materials to make our furnishings. All of our wood is reclaimed from barns and buildings farmers ask us to dismantle so they can rebuild buildings that are more suitable to their current needs like fitting the massive equipment the evolution of technology has provided to make farming more efficient. In addition, we're frequently asked to remove large trees that have fallen or need to be taken down on their property. That's where we get some of the stunning live edge pieces we create. We have a special interest in the beauty of oak, walnut and cherry trees.

otto barn July 2014

The Gardener Barn

The Gardener Barn, was located in southeastern Ohio, was a "bank" barn or, built into an embankment. It was a showpiece in its time. Rebuilt in 1907 after a tragic fire, the barn was used as a dairy and hay barn, years later a beef barn. The Gardener barn stood empty for three decades before being dismantled by hand and turned into this collection of furnishings.

The Lenhart Barn

The Lenhart barn was built in 1880 in northwestern Ohio. Unfortunately, the barn suffered significant roof damage, and was built long before our current oversized farming equipment. The barn was beautiful from this angle, but it was expensive to repair and not able to be used as is so the barn was donated. We were able to tear down all but the frame and for that, hired Amish workers to insure proper care of the materials.

The Otto Barn

Otto's story coming soon...